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Published works :

TDAMF 2 - Copy 2.jpg
The Day After My Funeral


The book, as the name indicates, is the story of a soul in the afterlife. Arpan, a common man, working for a corporate company, is too busy in his life. Other than his job, he has no care for anyone, neither his wife, brother nor his daughter. Money and his colleagues is all that’s valuable to him. On the other hand, he is also a kind of atheist and has no belief in karma or destiny.

Death, as like life, is a truth, and one day it will come for us but the question is when. Will that be decades from now, or years after tomorrow or just tomorrow. What if we die tomorrow?

We sure have a plan for health, or retirement but do we have a death plan? Where will we go after it? Whom do we meet? What’s life after death?

Arpan will discover the answers to the most answerable question. It’s his journey that someday will be ours after we bid the final goodbye to this world.

hob cover.jpg
Heart of Bullets

ISBN-13: 978-9385440120

‘The only way to get close to those glittering stars in heaven is, to look at a soldier with stars on his shoulders’ Every time, they’re around, the thing that we see is the bravery awards, medals, the pride, but what we can’t see is their heart that lies inside the iron chest, some untold stories, sacrifices, and the hardship they’ve been through. Every soldier has a story that is unique and extra ordinary. A tale of brotherhood & heroism, a tale of love & betrayal, ‘Heart of Bullets’, is about two best friends, Arpan & Sam, and the untold story of their friendship, untold story of their love, Shradha, but what happens when Sam gets hit by the enemy – across the border? What will Arpan do to save his friend? Will love prevail over friendship of lifetime? There is a decision to be made, is the life without love, and friends, better than dying to save the one we love the most?

Heart of Bullets: Hindi (Hindi Edition)


एक फौजी के कंधे में लगे सितारे किसी आसमान के सितारे से काम नहीं होती है। जब भी वो हमारे सामने होते हैं, हमें दिखती है उनकी बहादुरी, समर्पण और देखभक्ति पर जो हम नहीं देख पाते वो है उनकी क़ुरबानी, अनसुने किस्से और उनकी मेहनत जिससे उन्होंने ये मुकाम हासिल किया।

सभी सिपाहियों की कुछ कहानियां होती है जो आम इंसानो से अलग हैं। हार्ट ऑफ़ बुलेट्स कहानी है अर्पण और सैम की, उनकी दोस्ती और बलिदान की। ये कहानी है प्यार और बेवफाई की।

देश किसी भी फौजी के लिए सबसे आगे होता है, अपनी जान से भी आगे और ये कहानी उसी की एक परछाई है।

The Waning Moon.jpg
The Waning Moon : When fate interrupts

ISBN-13: 978-9384027728

Love, the most beauteous creation of God, always comes with a price. To love and to be loved is like a sunset and sunrise on same beach, the best thing one can ever have but we never know it's value till the time we are about to lose it. A journey of two teens, whose melodious croons once echoed in air, making the world beautiful, whose love was purer than snowflakes, and bond stronger than wine. They dreamt to stay together, forever, but everything does not go as planned. Some stories do not end well, and some dreams are always dreams. Sometimes, nothing could be done when fate wants a payback. Explore to experience the clouds of love, soft, beautiful but dark in the waning phase, when fate interrupts.

Six Teen Mistakes-Nikhil Kushwaha.jpg
Six Teen Mistakes

ISBN-13: 978-9384226336

This book, 'Six Teen Mistakes', is not merely a fiction, but it also has a glimpse of the real life the author has seen till now. It's a story of a boy who has just stepped in a world which he has never seen, a world which looks so good at first but is actually a poisoned chalice. He does those things which he has never done. He cheats, he bunks, he drinks and he is happy till the time when he finds that what he was doing was nothing but digging up his own grave. In the meanwhile, he also falls for a beautiful face, which eventually makes him weep, but soon his wounds gets healed and his tears gets dry, as he discovers something unique. The novel comprises of the things which are very common in any teenager's life, a common story of some of us, with an unexpected climax.

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