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I am responsible

I can shout but I don’t speak much. I like being dumb. I see things but I close my eyes. I like being blind.

Yes, I am a coward, and yes, now, after all these years, I’ve learned to ignore almost every good and bad thing happening around me. Neither I appreciate, nor do I complain. I just like being invisible, Mr. Nobody.

For decades I have witnessed the cities burning. For years I’ve seen women suffering, helpless dying of hunger, disease. The trees were cut, the animals were butchered, the air getting polluted but I was silent since the very beginning. Now, after years of my ignorance, all I can see around me is pain, suffering, and agony. The minds are corrupted, the cities are polluted. The vault is being filled whereas the poor are dying of hunger. Forests are disappearing, the ices are melting while some are busy making machines of destruction. No one is secure, no one is safe. The smiles are lost and people are jealous, depressed, and unhappy. I could’ve done so many things. I could’ve stopped them all but I never did, not even for once. I didn’t even try, and this is sad, but what even worse is I am also a part of it. Yes, it was me who burned jungles and polluted almost every good thing around me. It was me who poisoned the minds of the upcoming generation. In name of technology, I was the one who ruined nature. Being the smartest guy in the family, it was my responsibility to take command, to stop all the wrong things, to save my garden but I failed, and I failed horribly.

Yes, I am the culprit for a lot of things but the best part about time is it always changes. No matter who or what I am today, there is always a scope of correction, amendment, and rectification. I hope I learn from my mistakes and stand to resurrect else it will be too late. For betterment, for perfection, a change is required and it starts with me. If I can't change, I can change nothing.

Perfection isn’t possible without change and if I can't change my minds, I can't change anything.

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