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Let’s spread positivity

The last few months has such negative impact on us that even the word like positive has lost its importance. It’s not just the pandemic but we’re also facing a crisis of a positive environment, a thing that’s so important for life to bloom beautifully.

Yes we’re at war and uncountable lives are being lost, but at the same time, we’re missing all the good things happening around us. The families are getting united, and the children are tasting long-lost childhood. The environment is getting cleaner and nature is kicking again. We, after decades of ignorance, are finally concerned about our health. Our immune is being boosted and we’re getting hygienic. We’re scraping junk foods and turning towards fruits, vegetables, and a healthy diet.

On a personal level, we’re finally getting our life back & living the way we always dreamed. There is no rush, race, or competition. There are no exams, reporting time, or leave accuse. We’re living the way we always wanted. The sleep hours have doubled, the routine is being torn. We’re cooking, laughing, and doing everything that looked impossible during 9 to 5 job. It’s like an opportunity, an extra life we never wished for so if you’re are alive and kicking, if your family and loved ones are safe, utilize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in love with yourself. Try to be someone you always dreamed to be, and try to spread happiness rather than negativity.

If someone close is infected, don’t let them panic. Fear kills more than virus does so let there be calmness, hope, and joy. Don’t let them sink in negativity because no matter what the situation is, negativity will only ruin it. Try to calm them and make them happy. Say that they’ll be ok and a week later they’ll be perfectly fine.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a positive approach so think positive and let the message spread.

Wishing safety to all my friends.

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