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The day after my funeral


The book, as the name indicates, is the story of a soul in the afterlife. Arpan, a common man, working for a corporate company, is too busy in his life. Other than his job, he has no care for anyone, neither his wife, brother nor his daughter. Money and his colleagues is all that’s valuable to him. On the other hand, he is also a kind of atheist and has no belief in karma or destiny.

Death, as like life, is a truth, and one day it will come for us but the question is when. Will that be decades from now, or years after tomorrow or just tomorrow. What if we die tomorrow?

We sure have a plan for health, or retirement but do we have a death plan? Where will we go after it? Whom do we meet? What’s life after death?

Arpan will discover the answers to the most answerable question. It’s his journey that someday will be ours after we bid the final goodbye to this world.

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