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Living today is my plan

With another passing day when I look around my neighborhood,

Shattered hopes is what I see around the pile of burning wood.

Buildings in my city once where children used to play,

Have now turned into a place where unwell lay.

Silence prevails the roads with sounds of cries,

Innocents praying the deities with melting eyes.

Beds are full and closed are gates,

Hope looks lost & darkness awaits.

Truth is sometimes so different than what we believe, and what we’re witnessing today is never what we used to believe. Hopelessness is a curse and we never thought of fighting it someday. All these years I had so many goals, plans but today my only plan is to survive.

Yes, living today is my only plan because it’s not that easy. Pulses and heartbeat is a doctor's definition of life but we humans need much more. We need happiness, we need hope. We need family and friends. Success, failures, struggles, joy. In other words, we just need tomorrow the same as it was yesterday. This sounds sad because now, after living half of my life, I’ve finally realized that what I had was much better than what I have. Atleast yesterday I was just scared of failure, and not fear of losing my close ones, the people I love.

Deep down we know that the good times will be back, but the question is who will be witnessing it. Fear resides inside us all but there is also hope. Pandemic sure has taken so much from us but at the same time, it has taught us the art of living. It doesn’t matter how dark tomorrow will be, the plan is to live today. The strategy is to survive the dusk because once it’s over, there will be dawn followed by light.

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