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We’re not alone

Recent times has turned this place into something we never imagined. This is a war of survival. There were pandemics before but after so much advancement we never thought of a time when we humans would be so helpless.

Panic, curfews, silence, and then siren, moans, cries.

What we’re witnessing isn’t a picture of our glory or failure, rather a picture of our tininess. No matter how smart we humans get, we’ll never be worthy enough to challenge nature and when the time comes, it will balance itself.

I’ve seen so much in the last few days that am compelled to share. Not everyone will like it, some may be offended but hey, I don’t care. I’ve witnessed two versions of people, one dark & demonic, and at the other bright & angelic. I’ve seen people leaving own infected families to save themselves, relatives not ready to even respond to distress calls, neighbors avoiding eye contact, but at the same time, I’ve also seen warriors, heroes risking their lives to save strangers. Doctors, police, social activities, plasma donors, and many others who are risking everything to fight this war. It’s the people like them who make us believe that humanity, afterall, still exists, and no matter how ugly the situation is, we’re not alone.

Help will always be there for the ones who seek it.

Well, I am no one to judge who’s right and who’s wrong, but I believe inside everyone there is a power, an instinct that makes us differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. It’s our choices that defines who we are and what we want to be tomorrow. It’s important to be safe but it’s also important to keep others safe. It’s okay to be inside but it’s equally important to help the needy in the best way we can. Help doesn’t always mean money but even an intent to stand together, to listen them, and to share solutions, helps the helpless to boosts their morale. It fills them with new enthusiasm, hope.

The best thing about time is it always changes. No matter how hideous today is, or how ugly our situation is, we sure will get through it and once it’s over, we’ll remember the veracity of faces who were once innocent. This is a test, for all of us. This is a challenge for survival and no one can do it alone. We need help, we all do, so the contribution is needed from all of us in any possible way, financially, physically, or even mentally, so please pass the message to stay together.

Afterall we all are in a war and we can only win if we stand together.

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