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Perks of being a wedding photographer

Updated: May 14, 2020

For people looking to start a career in wedding photography.

Why a photographer?

Ok. So I have an engineering/MBA degree, why should I choose a photography career? Questions like this often pop inside us while we think of changing careers from white-collar jobs to business, and it's completely rational. One may have a hundred reasons to opt for a job but just a crazy decision is required to run behind the passion. Well, for me, although I wasn't a failure in academics, I wasn't good either, but I believe that it's okay to be a good photographer than being a bad engineer.

There are a thousand careers to choose but very few require just knowledge to make big money. Wedding photography is one of them because all you need is creativity and command over the camera. One can profit a lot even from small events like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. In our country, events like weddings, no matter how low budget, wedding photographers charge more than 25k, where the profit margin is beyond imagination. Once you have a handful of happy clients and experience over the field, a decent wedding photography budget starts with over 100k, and then the sky is the limit.

What do I need to have to start a wedding photography business?

Foremost, believe. If you think you can, you definitely will. Yes, the professional cameras, lenses, and photography gadgets are too expensive for anyone thinking to start a career as a wedding photographer but hey, do you know that some famous photographers like Ansel Adams started their career with a small budget camera. In the beginning, there is no need for any fancy camera or expensive gadgets. For starters, the investment may cost under 100K, which could be recovered in mere three-four wedding projects. One can also hire freelancer photographers just to kick start their business.

But what about the market? Isn't there like a hundred photographers in my city, with expensive gadgets and experience? How can I possibly think of competing with them?

Hundred, probably true but does it even matter?

If you have a camera, you have the market. Investment or gadgets doesn't speak, work does. There may be hundreds of photographers around your city but have you ever wondered how many people reside near your locality? Probably thousands, isn't it, and everyone may not have enough savings to buy a car, but one day or other, everyone will get married for sure. Now imagine the market just around your house. Some may have contacts with some good photographers but most of them don't. The only thing you need to do is a little research about those clients and market your work. Once you get recognition in the market, people will definitely approach you, but it's important that your work must be a masterpiece.

How does it feel to be at weddings, clicking strangers?

One word, awesome. A wedding is always a happy moment and who won't love to snap smiles, laughs. Dancing, singing, and party, what else could be more joyful. Stories aren't just meant for papers but it's also captured in snaps and that's what a wedding photographer does, pens stories of love & emotions, via camera.

Also, if you're a foodie, just like me, there can't be a perfect job like this.

What we should always remember as a wedding photographer?

Goodwill & honesty is the key to success in every business, and it comes with hard work and dedication. Wedding maybe a routine for a photographer, but for clients, it's an onetime event, so the one behind the camera must be an expert, because those moments pass in a jiffy but is remembered for decades. It's important to remember that every image is a frozen moment and so it must be captured expertly. One must not jump without adequate knowledge and experience over photography.

In this field, fame and defame are just synonyms of success and failure. It's not important of how one captures or what gadgets are used, the result must bring smiles, it must satisfy the clients. A happy customer will bring a couple of more clients but an unsatisfied one will spread negativity, a real reason why some people don't achieve what they target.

My view :

Altogether, it's a perfect career for someone looking for lifetime adventure and excitement. Adventure because you'll have to travel a lot, eat a lot and excitement because you'll see new faces, meet strangers, and make new friends almost every day. There may be struggles at the beginning but once you master your gadget, people will book appointments. There is neither estimation of how much you can earn, nor there is any retirement age. The wedding business is always a stream of possibilities. As I told earlier, if you have the right gameplan, then the sky is your limit.

* The things I have shared above is from my perspective only. It can differ from person to person & place to place.

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